In Praise of Open Doors

by Chisom Okafor In memory of Akin, beaten to death on 17th of February, 2017 for being homosexual At the end of my sufferingthere was a door.─ Louise Glück. He starts with a riddle, as with all mirrors and cars:‘objects in a mirror appear closer than actually their distance. Tell me. What objects? What mirror?’I haveContinue reading “In Praise of Open Doors”

When You Bleed for One Hundred and Five Days

by Gisselle Yepes name the blood. after your ex. allow it to spill everywhere. listen to it. your instinct will write her name in red paint. read it over. do you trust it now? the miracle is not that you are alive. it is that your body knows you should not be here either. it will bring your gut toContinue reading “When You Bleed for One Hundred and Five Days”

The Year ‘Caught Out There’ Became My Theme Song

by Brittany Rogers This song is for all the women out there that been lied to by their men and I know you all been lied to over and over again. This is for y’all; yo, maybe you didn’t break the way you shoulda broke, yo but I break – Kelis Strep throat caught meContinue reading “The Year ‘Caught Out There’ Became My Theme Song”

Lightness Has Never Been Our Concern, But Today We Are the Opposite of Heavy

by Lauren Licona we’ve spent all morningstaring at the water stain onyour ceiling, until it grows into a homeland we have no name for but “here”. i mean today, i live without knowledge of my borders. i learn to unline myself.we are no longer someone’s stateless daughters. i have forty-nine cents to my name & i cannot be whittledContinue reading “Lightness Has Never Been Our Concern, But Today We Are the Opposite of Heavy”


by Rodrick Minor On a cherryplanked floor in Durham I twerk my soul          into the weekend I sweat out my devils over the crooner’s voice   An exorcism in the wee hours  Hips gyrate allusions of Jazz June in a beehive of celestial beings  Fingers pranced in air          as if the Holy Ghost graspContinue reading “AIN’T WE LUCKY WE GOT ‘EM, GOOD TIMES”