Fall 2023

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We Never Did This to be Beautiful

by Ariana Brown VOICEMAIL POEMS · "We Never Did This To Be Beautiful" by Ariana Brown we’ve picked a color to make her happy / honey blonde or burgundy / a hollering red / blissful obsidian / a dreamy lavender / after the wash & waking / of each strand / with something to keepContinue reading “We Never Did This to be Beautiful”


by Amy Jannotti VOICEMAIL POEMS · "UNMAKE THE WORLD (& FALL IN LOVE)" by Amy Jannotti Amy Jannotti (she/her) is a pile of dust in a trenchcoat living & writing in Philadelphia. She is the author of 3 chapbooks (most recently, ANGELS & INSECTS ARE CREATURE WITH WINGS from Kith Books). Her poems can be found in OlneyContinue reading “UNMAKE THE WORLD (& FALL IN LOVE)”

Trauma Mama

by Kristine Esser Slentz VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Trauma Mama" by Kristine Esser Slentz I thought our car’s interiorwas made of blue velvetI felt bad to rub snot intoridges from under my fingernail I remember, look leftthen up at all thosepinned-up black curlsAren’t you embarrassed? You are a reflection of me.Crying looks bad–It makes me lookContinue reading “Trauma Mama”

Standing In Line For The UC

by Ave Goorbarry VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Standing In Line For The UC" by Ave Goorbarry Ave Goorbarry is a writer from South Florida. Ave’s writing has won awards regionally from Scholastic Art and Writing and has been previously published in A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Words & Whispers, the Origami Review, and elsewhere. Ave isContinue reading “Standing In Line For The UC”

Rabbit Rabbit

by Francess Archer Dunbar VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Rabbit Rabbit" by Francess Archer Dunbar the hare is fastthe hare multiplies, grows, jumpsover flower and foe, and is prizedfor neither fur nor flesh norfriendship to man, too small to befeared and too large to behated, burrowing beneathand in cartoon memorytransforming rocks to roadsevading the hunter’s gunquick-witted andContinue reading “Rabbit Rabbit”

Queer Rom-Com after Wes Craven

by Julia Gwiazdowski VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Queer Rom-Com After Wes Craven" by Julia Gwiazdowski Julia Gwiazdowski is a Philly-born and based poet. Being gay and trans, she often writes about queerness and gender but also cannot resist ekphrastic pieces and love poems. Julia has been previously published in Wizards In Space, Stone of Madness Press,Continue reading “Queer Rom-Com after Wes Craven”

Phone Date

by Emily Patterson VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Phone Date" by Emily Patterson On Sunday—sheets stripped,bed bare, afternoon edging towardgold—my sister picks up on speaker phone. As she feedsher brand-new daughter—backdrop all static and shift, a chorus of coos until, suddenly,that hush of relief—my own childemerges with wordless urgency to show me the split in her fingernail,pinkContinue reading “Phone Date”


by Carson Jordan VOICEMAIL POEMS · "NO MORE BUT I MUST" by Carson Jordan I am headlining an apology tourplums and paydays in the iceboxmommy’s little hubris of godgot carried away againtailgating someone else’s rituala lesson in humility, a good humblingbent over and expelling bilelike a good time girl shoulda three calyx fold in babyContinue reading “NO MORE BUT I MUST”