Summer 2022

Tova Greene Kaydance Rice Tamara J. Madison Madeleine K. Corley Loisa Fenichell Felix Lecocq Mariah M Dev Murphy Eye Sinkhole Tabitha III Lucas Restivo Raymond Gibson LM Brimmer Aidan Aragon Shakeema Smalls Lisa Shen DeeSoul Carson

The Walk of Shame Aubade

by Aidan Aragon VOICEMAIL POEMS · "The Walk of Shame Aubade" by Aidan Aragon the moon, a loose sequin, danglesfrom the sky’s slack-jawed maw drooping lower and lowerwith each of my heavy-lidded blinks, feet dragging against the concreteagainst the inside of my ear slick and cold from the slip of his tongue,like my satin slipContinue reading “The Walk of Shame Aubade”


by Shakeema Smalls VOICEMAIL POEMS · “Tymbal” by Shakeema Smalls It helps that we do not rememberwhen light first opened our eyesthis old testament sunwarming the darkits nutritious sweet lingeringbefore even our bones.We trade places as a single bodythe daysong receiving usno pantomime orchestrawe who have risento sing, to love, to dieto timbal and vibratountilContinue reading “Tymbal”

What’s Going On

by DeeSoul Carson VOICEMAIL POEMS · "What's Going On" by DeeSoul Carson DeeSoul Carson  (He/They) is a Black queer poet, performer, and educator from San Diego, CA. A The Watering Hole Writing Workshop Fellow, his work has been featured by Button Poetry, Write About Now Poetry, The Adroit Journal, & elsewhere. He graduated with aContinue reading “What’s Going On”

a home made of hip bones

by tova greene VOICEMAIL POEMS · "a home made of hip bones" by tova greene tova greene (they/them) is a non-binary, queer, jewish poet who recently graduated with a BA from sarah lawrence college in yonkers, new york. they are the author of the collection lilac on the damned’s breath (bottlecap press, 2022). after interningContinue reading “a home made of hip bones”

Afternoon Delight

by Tamara J. Madison VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Afternoon Delight" by Tamara J. Madison Today between meetings and greetings,snail mails, emails, texts, messages,essay grades, caffeine breaks, and so on,in the mirky waters of therelentless tasks of theworkday, I wrotea love poem,let it sneak up on me,drop from my ear lobe,slip down my collar,roll over my shoulder,spreadContinue reading “Afternoon Delight”

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

by Mariah M VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" by Mariah M Mariah M (they/she) is a non-binary Black woman, poet and cultural organizer based in Greensboro. They are an Emergent Poet Fellow of the National Poetry Foundation and Crescendo Literary (c. 2017) and a Watering Hole Fellow (c. 2017, 2019). Mariah is LightsowerContinue reading “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”