Some Synonym of Practice I Am

by Olatunde Osinaike I finally want to talk about ithas taken me a decade more than most and all my wisdom teeth have fallen victim by now there is a draft buried beneath this you will never know of a pleasure of released dioxide and simile I don’t write because the block asks I do this out of an empathyContinue reading “Some Synonym of Practice I Am”

at the end of the devil’s breath

by Romaine Washington …july.wilted cereal in a bowl / wedrown in brown boiling milk. the haze of sparklers and fire- works add to the deafening heat that drips into august.caged in by smog,air smells of cigarettes and melted tar. surely this place is meant to ignite. september,when he arrives,he thinks this is a flat plain, where desert dirt covers everything likeContinue reading “at the end of the devil’s breath”


by Cortney Lamar Charleston The eyes have it: weight, such that they can’t even roll.This is one of those moments when I should probably listento my body but you know how it goes when someone talks too much for your taste (coffee, sir?). There’s lots of work to do today. There’s money to be had and evenContinue reading “SOUTHWEST AIRLINES FLIGHT #2003”


by Jessie Knoles brilliant elixir fuck me upfuck me deadwhy doesacademia hate me i’m ready tosacrifice my bodyto a careersomething boring liketeaching teenagerswhy romeo and juliet did ordidn’t die make mygrandparents proudof me againi pour this into my glass andpour my glass intothe bathtub full ofrejection letters thatcall me ‘jessica’ instead of jessiethis is the yearof being normallet’s get married andrequest fuzzy bath towelslet’sContinue reading “TINY NOWHERE”

Never Trust a Snowglobe

by Caroljean Gavin In the palm of my hand I harborFault lines, one-way streets,A famous bridge half-crossed andAnother I steered from the passenger’s seatWhile the driver smoked weedSuch honking dreams in the patchouli, Of frolicking unhindered, ofSlapping my feet in my Sunday shoesDown my aunt’s hardwood hallway.The earthquakes always come.I’ve cracked off into the ocean. Every day’sContinue reading “Never Trust a Snowglobe”