Interviews with Stunt Women

by Harry Man

Jumping from a Hertz rental car, beyond
a risen pitch, you can leap and let the revs drop.
Close up, tarmac has this snapped pencil smell.
A good driver can make her roof collapse perfectly.
I don’t know who did it, but ‘Unexpected item
in bagging area’ was written in fat letters
across my dashboard – the crew save me from myself.
They like to say my seat has the same easy-wipe texture
as an ambulance stretcher.

I prefer the roll-cannon
to be under the passenger side when on a suicide run
in a rigged Finnish Poliisi car, it’s not every day
you get to make a mockery of gravity. Chumbawumba
“I Get Knocked Down” is a classic to play in the car.
A bacon sandwich drooling lettuce and ketchup in mid-air
could get into the footwell, between the pedals, end up
in your eye – I’m not kidding, it’s as dangerous as it looks.

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