Fall 2021

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hi mom it’s a great day today

by K.S. VOICEMAIL POEMS · "hi mom it's a great day today" by K.S. i see it from my bed/ long-snake-moan of a whore in exile/ cold light of small hours behind/ a wall of letters beating as moths/ and men/ do/ before sunlight smashes its curled toes into/ alarm clocks/ not many know thisContinue reading “hi mom it’s a great day today”

When People Tell You GAD Can’t Be That Bad

by CD Eskilson VOICEMAIL POEMS · "When People Tell You GAD Cant Be That Bad" by CD Eskilson imagine sweet alyssum blanketing the ground[1] the heaven-scented blooms like clouds to the cicadas[2] you move from forest’s edge to cross the meadow, creep[3] with footsteps slight & nearly still while wind glides through[4] the field toContinue reading “When People Tell You GAD Can’t Be That Bad”

What Happens to Fish in the Tank After Closing Time?

by Julia Watson VOICEMAIL POEMS · "What Happens To Fish In The Tank After Closing Time?" by Julia Watson Julia Watson earned her MFA from North Carolina State University. She’s the Writer Liaison from Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things and a Poetry Editor at Chaotic Merge. In 2021, she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and wasContinue reading What Happens to Fish in the Tank After Closing Time?

concrete (after bill moran’s godsalt)

by Alicia Turner VOICEMAIL POEMS · "concrete (after Bill Moran's Godsalt)" by Alicia Turner 3. concrete: “characterized by or belonging to immediate experience of actual things or events.” hi, i’m concrete.  sorry.    i’m a-concrete.   i’m ali-concrete.  okay, i’m alicia, i’m mattress top.      i’m matter, this matters-matters, i’m watching a film of a film,   and i’m theContinue reading “concrete (after bill moran’s godsalt)”

Bird Heuristic

by Avery Gregurich VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Bird Heuristic" by Avery Gregurich for David Lynch Daddy and Mommy were dancing in the kitchen, theirwedding picture caught in their clapshold, tearing a littlein between them while they swung. I watched, and afterall night long oscillating, they gave up again. Where Icome from, the birds sing a prettyContinue reading “Bird Heuristic”