Summer 2023

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The Magic Church Bus for Sinners

by Julia Mallory VOICEMAIL POEMS · "The Magic Church Bus for Sinners" by Julia Mallory Julia Mallory is committed to being a good steward of, and vessel for her ancestors’ stories. Julia’s first creative love language is poetry and she works across genres with a range of mediums from text to textiles; the latest whichContinue reading “The Magic Church Bus for Sinners”

The Carnival at the End of the World

by Chris McCreary VOICEMAIL POEMS · "The Carnival at the End of the World" by Chris McCreary Roll over the dead jester & check the pockets hidden deep in his pleats, then repurpose the leather, convert it into a longer leash. We make do, each a lemon tree steeping our own sweet tea, the happyContinue reading “The Carnival at the End of the World”

Sunset Before the Apocalypse

by Kevin A. Risner VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Sunset Before the Apocalypse" by Kevin A. Risner I see it as the most natural thing in the summerfind a hazy orb that floats in that thicknessuntil it gets too heavy and it slides away from us before that happens, there’s still timeto catch the lake breezenotice kidsContinue reading “Sunset Before the Apocalypse”

Summer Recreation

by Anna Szilagyi VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Summer Recreation" by Anna Szilagyi The summer rec programwas like a sad day camp.Our parents dropped us offat our public elementary schoolin the morning, before the heatseeped into the tiled floors and walls. Our teachers were teenage counselorstasked with our suburban boredom.We played kickball in the mostly-dirt field,choreographed dancesContinue reading “Summer Recreation”

Speak my Language

by Lucia De Luca VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Speak My Language" by Lucia De Luca “Is your dog’s name Oreo?”I message random Bumble guy He starts speaking my languagewhen his reply is a stanza “Roses are red,violets are blue,my dog’s name is Chewbacca,but his nickname is Chew.Oreo was a great guess,your curly hair is awesome nevertheless.”Continue reading “Speak my Language”


by Alice Agro-Paulson VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Seafared" by Alice Agro-Paulson Alice Agro-Paulson is a Brooklyn-based developmental editor, story coach, and poet. Her work has been supported by Roots.Wounds.Words. & Tin House, and has appeared in HAD, Spark to Flame, and is forthcoming in Eunoia Review. Alice is currently working on a hybrid speculative memoir and can be found onContinue reading “Seafared”