Winter 2023

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What Would You Steal from God’s House

by Cooper Wilhelm VOICEMAIL POEMS · "What Would You Steal From God's House" by Cooper Wilhelm Cooper Wilhelm is a poet and card reader based in Brooklyn. He is the author of three books of poetry, the longest of which is called DUMBHEART/STUPIDFACE, and also hosts Witchhassle, a podcast about the occult with a fixation on labor.Continue reading “What Would You Steal from God’s House”

Once There Were Horses

by Cleveland Wall VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Once There Were Horses" by Cleveland Wall It’s the barn.It’s the dark.It’s the latent heatof wood, summers goneencoded in cellulosestacked and bunched.It’s the horses shifting,the horses breathing at night.It’s night and breath.It’s memory and breath,remembered sweatin the dark of the barn,safe and dry—figmentof sweet hay like memoryjust beyond recall.It’sContinue reading “Once There Were Horses”

Mekatelyu Somethin’…

by Híl Davis VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Mekatelyu Somethin" by Híl Davis My mother hides her accenteach time someone asks why she is here,and what made her leave paradise. To Americans, paradise is anythingyou cannot buyin the supermarket. For many of us,our hometowns are loversyou find by accident, who do not understand how heavy their handsContinue reading “Mekatelyu Somethin’…”

Lines Written on a Pizza Box Before Moving

by Diandra Williams VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Lines Written On A Pizza Box Before Moving" by Diandra Williams Diandra Williams is a poet, singer/songwriter, and experimental musician based in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to having poetry forthcoming in Sinister Wisdom, she plays guitar, sings, and writes music for her two bands, Lisa and DAMES, as well asContinue reading “Lines Written on a Pizza Box Before Moving”

Lesbian Litany in the Key of Love by Keyshia Cole

by Gabrielle Tola VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Lesbian Litany In The Key Of Love by Keyshia Cole" by Gabrielle Tola Gabrielle Tola, artistically known as NeptuneMuse, is an Ecuadorian-Egyptian 22-year old singer-songwriter, poet, astrologer, creative director, music producer, and first-generation college graduate with a B.A in Creative Writing. Gaby dedicates herself to world-building her sonic andContinue reading “Lesbian Litany in the Key of Love by Keyshia Cole”

I’ve Been Doing Nothing Lately

by Crystal Silva VOICEMAIL POEMS · "I've Been Doing Nothing Lately" by Crystal Silva On Wednesdays I get angry,and on Thursdays I make pots,and then I am no longer angry. When I’m angry I blast Buddy Holly—but I keep the windows up.And then I think it’s so funny, you know,that I’m listening to Weezer,and I’mContinue reading “I’ve Been Doing Nothing Lately”