Voicemail Poems is an online magazine that highlights the intimate and raw voices of new and established writers of all styles. Poets submit to the magazine by reading their work to a voicemail box. Our favorites are picked seasonally and published on our website (voicemailpoems.org) and our Soundcloud (soundcloud.com/voicemailpoems).

Interested in calling? Check out our guidelines first.

Voicemail Poems is made possible by our generous Patreon supporters, as well as those who donate using the Tip Jar option when submitting their poems.

We are deeply grateful to:

  • Summer Farah
  • Kati Goldstein
  • RJ Walker
  • Renee Morgan
  • Kathleen Jones
  • Rachelle Toarmino
  • Bree Sparks
  • Loré Yessuff
  • Kylee Jackson
  • Phil SaintDenisSanchez
  • Arlene Antoinette
  • Tyler Burn
  • Jenn Henry
  • Ben Donkor
  • Sarah Alexander
  • Catherine Weiss
  • Jeff Stumpo
  • Leyna Rynearson
  • Nina Moon
  • Kai River Blevins
  • Samantha Doucette
  • Ronnie K. Stephens
  • Ln Webre
  • Jordan Hoxsie

& to everyone who has donated to help us continue to fund this endeavor!

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