We are currently accepting submissions for our Winter Issue!

Call & send in a poem by January 1st to be considered.

Submitting a voicemail poem is easy, here’s how:

  1. First, send us the text of your poem through our online form here:

    >>  We only consider one poem per poet at a time. If you submit more than one poem we will reject all of them.

    >>  If you’ve been published by us before, please wait 6 months or so before submitting again. We want to get as many new people involved as possible!

      We don’t mind if the poem has been previously published by another magazine. Life is too short.

    >>  Please submit only original poetry of your own creation.

    >>  CONSENT:  Do you say the name of someone you know personally in your poem? Do you quote or paraphrase or reference something they did or said? This should go without saying, but you should be asking people for their permission if you can.

    >>  Please be okay with having your poem come up in Google searches with your name next to it. 

  2. Then, call 910-703-POEM(7636) – introduce your piece and start reading!

    >>  Calling from OUTSIDE the USA? Try dialing 001-910-703-7636
    ** Some countries’ phone providers will have “exit codes” in order to dial out internationally. Here’s a list of exit codes. If you are still having trouble placing the call, we also have a WhatsApp account (under the number 856-397-8349) & we will accept submissions via the voice memo feature there.

      If you are still unable to reach us, please send us an email at voicemailpoems@gmail.com, and we will do our absolute best to resolve the issue.

    >>  Poems MUST be 3 minutes or less. You’ll get cut off if your poem is longer than 3 minutes. Feel free to call back and try again if you run long the first time but do not split the piece up into two calls we will not accept it like that.

    >> The poem must be read by you. Using your voice. Text to speech programs are only allowed if you actually require it to communicate verbally.

  3. Finally, we’ll read and listen to your poem and let you know if/when it’ll be posted! (Please be patient, this can take several months.)

IMPORTANT: Submissions are not complete until we both have the text and the voicemail from you!

Some other important things to note:

  • We love hyping our contributors, please stay in touch through FacebookTwitter, & Instagram.
  • We technically own the MP3 recording of your piece but otherwise, all rights to the poem remain with the author after publication

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