Acrostic Spelling Me Out

by Tyler Barton


I spring back
I am falling for
a bad bathroom excuse

I jackpine for seascape
I crackpot the bluest rose
I mohawk the leopard print
ripoffs of the avenue
I cross myself in my dream and
I goddamn a devilock

I bulldoze in doorways
I pull off the covers
I understand to be smashed
by waves
I muster I mustn’t

I tie a tie
I leave a leaf on the hall floor

I put a poptart down
I hitchup the canalway
I speedboat back down aways
I dentaldam the rushing water
I pick it up hot
and juggle

I drivetrain my hands

to stop shaking
I so bruise the purple strip
under a lone duck’s wing

I am airing my hairball complaints


I stress the body pedestrian
I heavylid my paycheck

I guardrail against the missing
I tear Squibbs lesson plan
in half
I carry uneven stacks of the Grapes of Wrath
I flask copies on to desks
I ask you not to throw it out the window
I fake like jumping out
a window

I birdchirp true
a real request
I need you to be the quietest class
I mean it for fifteen minutes

I leaffloat down the vertical hallway
I marinade you a gift from scratch
I leapfrog from room
to room
I ostracize I

I shoulderread your tweets

I acrostisize to speak in codes
for hour or sos
I code and decode the morality
of sick days

I loon in and out


I stonesthrow away
a pizza kitchen coupon
I domino I’ll die one day

I megabus to states unknown
I am bananapeeling out

I meganslaw your name
your name
I duncecap his frosted tips
I sheepdog girls at the DDR

I deter
I defer
I denounce
I delice,
or delouse?

I unleash highbrow

I lamontagne my composure
I elbowcatch a sneeze a minute

I vamoose morosely


I bittorrent a couch cushion
I am function
I fengshui

I centerline up to the fucking tunnel
I hardscrabble the wrong word
I reason I burn third degree

I wordwall my enemies in
I downdraft an ok fantasy
tennis team

I shotgunwed this spit to the street
I cabaret your bangs up off your face
I woodpeck your first kiss shallowness
I am shallowest

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