Vagaries (for B.R.)

by Fiona Helmsley

When you have to run your dishwasher three times in order to get the plates clean,
You should probably just do them by hand.
I bought my child Flintstone vitamins,
Then ate them all, like candy.
In the same way that Picasso had his Blue Period, then later, his Black Period,
I will have my Vindictive Period.
It’s a brave new world, with brave new reasons to rage.
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by marriage,
Sexless, soul-sucking, jealous.
The vagaries of youth transition to the vulgarities of age.
I don’t believe in the day or night, I just believe in the morning.
I want to die like Lou Reed
On the birthday of Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath.

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