Zombie Apocalypse Love Poem

by Emily Morse

If you break my heart
I will have to make a new plan for the zombie apocalypse
And that really sucks
Because it was a really good plan
That I was kind enough to share

So maybe I won’t
As maybe our eyes will meet
As we loot Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters
Together, separately
But make no mistake
If it comes down to you, me
And the last pair of wool socks
I will fight you for them and I will win
Because I know your weak spot
Is right here, between your ribs.

If you break my heart
And the zombies get you before I do
I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger
But I’ll be sure to make it a head shot
Because I’m not cruel
And I’m learning how to let things go
I’d expect you to do the same
Because it’s one thing to break my heart
And another to let me eat some else’s
But let’s be honest
There’s no way you’d outlive me
Not with a fresh pair of wool socks on my feet
And a totally foolproof plan, save for you

If you break my heart
And the entire world goes to shit
I hope I don’t miss out on the last Swiss Army knife
Because I turned to see
If it was you who walked through the broken doors.

I guess what I’m trying to say is
I don’t want to go through the zombie apocalypse without you
But if you break my heart
I’ll consider the whole thing
Entirely your fault.

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