New Orleans Poem

by Zoe Blair-Schlagenhauf

in new orleans i fall in love at least 4 times a year
i can’t be sure, 
i might do that anywhere.

i am sure that
there is always a puddle 
on broadway and oak. 
it sounds like the tide coming in 
when cars pass over it.

i know that you should
take some spanish moss with you 
it never dies.

i moved to new orleans when 
i was wondering what 
growing up felt like. 
it might be like 
concrete breaking 
from the roots of trees 
that are older than i’ll ever be. 
or it might be like when
all your friends say 
“i’m tired” 
and you can only be proud of them
for admitting it.

in new orleans i fall in love at least 4 times a day, 
i can’t tell if the wet on my skin 
is from my body or the air surrounding it,
it is probably definitely because of the heat.

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