Lakes Hills Estates

by Ryan Nakano

They put a Target at the center
of town, circle inside of a circle
everyone & their mom is here
to be caught in the dollar section
to be caught in the crosshairs

Why are there no Walmarts in Iraq
because barber makes a bad joke
clipping his fellow patron

They put a Target at the center
of town, & beforehand in the paper
work when the town was still a village
& that lake in the hills where 
the people stayed stated

[ No persons except those of the
white caucasian race shall use, occupy or
reside upon any residential lot or
plot in this subdivision ]

They put a Target at the center 
of town, before the red circle
there was a redline
her lips pursed
those red eyes
that missing the mark
overpour spilling value down the aisle

Cut a checkstand
check yourself out
see something familiar, some fabric
or a friend and remember

They put a Target at the center
of town, for our convenience

Everything is here

You can buy a shower curtain
cheap wall ornament
cheap wrist watch
cheap fur coat
cheap welcome mat

They put a target at the center 
of town &
we brought our shopping lists

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