by Nicole Tallman VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Spring" by Nicole Tallman They say there are two seasons in Michigan, winter and construction, but today it feels like spring. I’m getting comfortable again with feeling. Must all the poets fully feel our senses? I was pretty comfortable feeling numb. I was pretty comfortable being dead to theContinue reading “Spring”


by Olga Mikolaivna VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Restore" by Olga Mikolaivna Born in Kyiv, olga works in the (intersectional/textual) liminal space of photography, word, translation, and installation. She is interested in memory, dream spaces, absences, inheritance, (dis)place, and the construction of language. Her work can be found in Cleveland Review of Books, TQR, New Delta Review,Continue reading “Restore”

Poor Kitty

by Terrell Worrell, Jr. VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Poor Kitty" by Terrell Worrell, Jr. (write something devastating,will settle for simple) head on tired neckcursing your own namefrothing at the lipcopper coated tongue yelling at yourselfheavy weighted bonefrantic soaking wettail between your legs mouse crawled in my mouth while i was sleepingI panicked, bit, and swallowedsplinters catchContinue reading “Poor Kitty”

On Finding Permission to Talk About My Childhood

by Ashley Elizabeth VOICEMAIL POEMS · "On Finding Permission To Talk About My Childhood" by Ashley Elizabeth I didn’t tell this story oftenbut now I do. When it was a secret thinga Don’t tell Mom thinga Don’t scream thinga midnight-when-I-was-supposed-to-be-sleeping thing I said nothingI did nothingI felt nothing—nothing except what I was supposed to feelContinue reading “On Finding Permission to Talk About My Childhood”

Ode to Canned Peaches

by Trudy Hodnefield VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Ode To Canned Peaches" by Trudy Hodnefield You are not the plump center of attention.Not an idealized cartoon rendering– pink, red, orange, mimicking every color boasted by the sun.You were never unbruised and are, admittedly, no longer whole. Unlike the produce section peaches,plucked fresh off some vine, or whateverContinue reading “Ode to Canned Peaches”

Moses Sumney’s Falsetto on the 55 on the Way Back from Midway Airport on the Way Away from Home

by Yazud Brito-Milian VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Moses Sumney's Falsetto on the 55…" by Yazud Brito-Milian for my Mami we go far to be close, sometimes& you talk of love: howling, a teardropblooming, & aching: an electric guitar rifflaid bare & you say night isn’t for children & the cityisn’t for living & there you are&Continue reading “Moses Sumney’s Falsetto on the 55 on the Way Back from Midway Airport on the Way Away from Home”