Morning Poem

by John Salimbene VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Morning Poem" by John Salimbene On my block,morning iswhen the Germanshepherd speaksits fury ata cardinal.I have notyet learnedhow to speakmy fury.Our lawn isa teenage beard;patchy andglisteningwith angst.That mailmanalways flattensour garden, andfills our boxwith Christmas,bigotry andobituaries.I lost twofriends beforeI could vote.The town journalleft out thepills and ropes.The air is thicklikeContinue reading “Morning Poem”

Through the Fence

by Alison Lubar VOICEMAIL POEMS · “Through the Fence” by Alison Lubar Alison Lubar teaches high school English by day and yoga by night. They are a queer, nonbinary femme of color whose life work (aside from wordsmithing) has evolved into bringing mindfulness practices, and sometimes even poetry, to young people.  Most recently, their workContinue reading “Through the Fence”

distant, we watch

by Fox Auslander VOICEMAIL POEMS · “distant, we watch” by Fox Auslander Fox Auslander is a nonbinary poet based in Philadelphia. They are one of two co-editors at Delicate Friend, an assistant poetry editor at Alien Magazine, and probably happy. You can find their recent work in perhappened, Prismatica Magazine, and Eunoia Review, or onContinue reading “distant, we watch”

On Deprivation

by Sarah Sophia Yanni VOICEMAIL POEMS · "On Deprivation" by Sarah Sophia Yanni so many of my experienceswere about waiting patience learned throughroutine fasting, a child’srumbling stomach no matchfor the joy of victory, thejoy of making my parentsproud. one day aweek, the first thing thatenters my bodymust be holy. and then––yearsof waiting to turninto somethinggolden.Continue reading “On Deprivation”

My Mother Recites the Birds

by Chelsea Harlan VOICEMAIL POEMS · "My Mother Recites the Birds" by Chelsea Harlan I haven’t reallytaken any notice. Finches, cardinals,blue jays, titmouse,nuthatches, crows,yellow grosbeaks, I said titmouse…um, some woodpeckers.I have sparrowsnesting in the planters… What else:hawks,but they don’t come to the feeders,red-tail hawks, warblers…though I couldn’ttell you what they look like.You should be callingContinue reading “My Mother Recites the Birds”