Summer 2021

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Call Back to Speak to a Less Disillusioned Representative

by Olivia Delgado VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Call Back To Speak To A Less Disillusioned Representative" by Olivia Delgado It’ll be a short summer and the animals are growing old. If fear had a weight you’d call it your body. I know it sounds terrifying, but I feel another nervous breakdown coming on and I’m tooContinue reading “Call Back to Speak to a Less Disillusioned Representative”

Bud Union

by Claire Gallagher VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Bud Union" by Claire Gallagher I tried to draw my partelectrical line straightmeasure the kern of eachsegment as evenlyas the cherry pickerspluck center boughs from theoaks, leaving a Y ofbranches holding air, waiting untilsomeone will come undress them for bath Today road layers arestretching new pavement downour street, weContinue reading “Bud Union”

be the person you needed when you were young (while knowing it can’t save you then)

by Alex Russell VOICEMAIL POEMS · "be the person you needed when you were young…" by Alex Russell I love when poets say“What I’m saying is…”because it makes it easyto know what they’re saying,and I think of all the kidsin classrooms who don’t likeinterpreting poetry havinga much better time. What I’m saying isthe only thingContinue reading “be the person you needed when you were young (while knowing it can’t save you then)”

a [ ] of and for white conduct

by Shelby Pinkham VOICEMAIL POEMS · “A [ ] Of And For White Conduct” by Shelby Pinkham more machine   IStruggleToEmbed {               more machine than [                  ]. STRUGGLE = ; to suggesthuman – that doesn’t sound                           quite [            ].                           a struggle to suggest time = new STRUGGLE (machine.morehuman(“that.sound)); suggestsuggestions . machinestruggles .Continue reading “a [ ] of and for white conduct”

Independence Day

by Kelly McKay VOICEMAIL POEMS · “Independence Day” by Kelly McKay sitting on the front porchof the poor housestaring straight into the sun.iridescent beams fill both eyeswith sweating promiseto the brim like twowater balloons tied tightby little fingers pinchedbegging not to burst.“my favorite movies are the oneswhere everyone gets everythingthey want in the end.”answering toContinue reading “Independence Day”

From the Garage Floor

by Allyson Whipple VOICEMAIL POEMS · "From the Garage Floor" by Allyson Whipple On any other Sunday we might be gazingat the afternoon sky, but today we’re staringat my car’s grease-splattered undercarriage,flecks of dirt falling into our mouthswhen I jostle a fixture too hard. Our fingersleave grimy prints where we press them,our gloves useless againstContinue reading “From the Garage Floor”