Offer Me Nothing

by Marisa Siegel VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Offer Me Nothing" by Marisa Siegel Offer me nothing& I greedily takenothing & makeit into everything What I mean is, giveme your empty handso I can show youhow to hold me What I mean is, takemy words & wrapthem around youlike a blanket What I mean is, don’tmisunderstand, don’tforgetContinue reading “Offer Me Nothing”

Dream Daughter in the Ambient of the World

by Malvika Jolly VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Dream Daughter in the Ambient of the World" by Malvika Jolly Once we sought to remember past continentsthrough dream revelation, to trace the routes we took back to the shores where we were birthed.Now we know no country but each other. Dispersed across the ambient of the world,we areContinue reading “Dream Daughter in the Ambient of the World”

Murky Honey

by Basia Wilson VOICEMAIL POEMS · “Murky Honey” by Basia Wilson Basia Wilson is a poet. She holds a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing from Temple University. In addition to working as an independent bookseller, she is associate poetry editor at Platform Review. Basia enjoys baking, gardening and laughing at the neighborhood blue jays inContinue reading “Murky Honey”

Poem (after Frank O’Hara)

by Gina Myers VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Poem (after Frank O'Hara)" by Gina Myers James Harden is a Sixer!I was trotting along and suddenlyit was trade deadline daythe rumors were swirlingand the beard is growingand you said it was happeningbut I wasn’t sure–it was confusinglike being hit on the headAnd I was in such a hurrybutContinue reading “Poem (after Frank O’Hara)”

Broke Girl Purples

by Melissa Ferrer & VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Broke Girl Purples" by Melissa Ferrer & purple because it is blue and redput together and blue is sadbut blue is also expansiveand everywhere. especially when ilook up. and it is freeing then, lookingup and sometimes, even, lookingacross the ocean. red because.because sometimes i be mad and sometimesiContinue reading “Broke Girl Purples”

Untitled Letters to the Emergent i

by Georgianna Van Gunten VOICEMAIL POEMS · “Untitled Letters to the Emergent i” by Georgianna Van Gunten Georgianna Van Gunten is a writer based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shehas an MFA in poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and has taughtcreative writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Her work hasappearedContinue reading “Untitled Letters to the Emergent i”