Love, First

by Michelle Ortega VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Love, First" by Michelle Ortega for Joe at sixteenI want to slipbetween your ribs andentwine myselfwith your heart I want to fallasleep behindyour sternum (to exist outsideof you justisn’t enough) this I rememberthirty-five yearslater when again we meet andhold a gazethat feels softnessI have notsince you unafraidto be seenIContinue reading “Love, First”

If I Don’t Text Back Immediately

by Stevie Green VOICEMAIL POEMS · "If I Don’t Text Back Immediately" by Stevie Green If I don’t text back immediatelyI’m not mad, I’m just Laughing because the Calm app tells me I’ve had zero mindful days / wondering if aliens had tracksuit eras at some point in their evolution of if they just skippedContinue reading “If I Don’t Text Back Immediately”

How to be a Wildfire (If Conditions are Better to be a Man)

by Gion Davis VOICEMAIL POEMS · "How To Be A Wildfire (If Conditions Are Better To Be A Man)" by Gion Davis Text your glamorous friendin their better city somethingincriminating and selfish.Buy a vibrator with yourroyalties. Prefer mento landscapes. Listento that Joni Mitchell recordwith the big scratchon the B side. Live insidethe scratch. Feellike everyoneContinue reading “How to be a Wildfire (If Conditions are Better to be a Man)”


by Lucia Herrmann Benítez VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Gauche" by Lucia Herrmann Benitez to use words with ex- likeexplicitly reference exploitationextreme inequity and no-longer-acceptable excuses / to demandmore than delegated dash ofconfectioner’s sugar. expected: acceptbaseline bare minimumw/ groveling & gratitudeas if persistence of have-nots isburden enough (eyesore & horror). in this place now remiss re: asylum,immigrantsContinue reading “Gauche”

Autumn 2023

by Diandra Williams VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Autumn 2023" by Diandra Williams the bristled facesof sunflowers droopin the neighbor’s yard& from your upstairs apartmentwe break the stalkof our engagement another seasonof raising the sunto its full span another seasonof roots bucklingw/ each tackle the birds bagtheir first home gameof the season& from your window i watchtheirContinue reading “Autumn 2023”