Winter 2018

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Different Ways to Say the Word ‘Thug’

by Dagmawe Berhanu 1. Trigger happy target 2. Archangel of the burnt and bruised 3. Newport ash on a papi store floor4. Pants way passed where his mama taught 5. It’s my car sir6. Ocean front scalp 7. Jesus in hiding 8. Unintentional vaudeville show 9. Fireflies in his palms 10. A friend’s blood 11. Tomorrow’s bedside prayer 12. Tonight’s prime time special 13. It’sContinue reading “Different Ways to Say the Word ‘Thug’”

I Sang It in a Love Song, So It Must Be True

by Alison Kronstadt Sometimes I wish I could stop you from talking when I hear the silly things you sayAlison, I know this world is killing youOh Alison, my aim is true– Elvis Costello, “Alison” I was named for a catcall strung out into three verses and a chorus Balladdrowning in mystery fansites say she’s aContinue reading “I Sang It in a Love Song, So It Must Be True”

Replication of a Miracle

by Katherine Indermaur For Owen Steinmann (2016-2017) Sugars trickle from maples’ taut trunks, sappingsummer energy, the crystallized light of wanting to stay alive. But what melody the drops make a manfrom a pulpit always says as they leap out the spout, percuss the bucket’s galvanized bottom. Yes, such sweetvasculature and saccharine, this living always toward death. He callsContinue reading “Replication of a Miracle”

Some Synonym of Practice I Am

by Olatunde Osinaike I finally want to talk about ithas taken me a decade more than most and all my wisdom teeth have fallen victim by now there is a draft buried beneath this you will never know of a pleasure of released dioxide and simile I don’t write because the block asks I do this out of an empathyContinue reading “Some Synonym of Practice I Am”

at the end of the devil’s breath

by Romaine Washington …july.wilted cereal in a bowl / wedrown in brown boiling milk. the haze of sparklers and fire- works add to the deafening heat that drips into august.caged in by smog,air smells of cigarettes and melted tar. surely this place is meant to ignite. september,when he arrives,he thinks this is a flat plain, where desert dirt covers everything likeContinue reading “at the end of the devil’s breath”