Manic Pixie POV

by Taylor Jaczin yeah i’ve got a lighter. can fix your filter. give you honey stick secrets and light tight roll laughter when you call me blue dream like your favorite strain like your favorite character ramona you know the blue of your dreams? yeah they’re both pierced. few things hurt so good like aContinue reading “Manic Pixie POV”

Never Trust a Snowglobe

by Caroljean Gavin In the palm of my hand I harborFault lines, one-way streets,A famous bridge half-crossed andAnother I steered from the passenger’s seatWhile the driver smoked weedSuch honking dreams in the patchouli, Of frolicking unhindered, ofSlapping my feet in my Sunday shoesDown my aunt’s hardwood hallway.The earthquakes always come.I’ve cracked off into the ocean. Every day’sContinue reading “Never Trust a Snowglobe”

200 Words About Airports

by Emryse Geye I.I fall in love every time I fly. Leaving Dallas: the medical student wearing headphones and a full headscarf just to forget her be-planed predicament. Above Tucson: the sorority sister with the strawberry hair whose father is waiting at the baggage claim; they leave, arms over shoulders over arms. In Denver. The woman in security: her bright eyes contradictthe softening skin on herContinue reading “200 Words About Airports”

Lucid Dreams of Being Clean

by Tyler Morse may-be tonite’ll be the nite I rinse the dick that’s remained holedup in a ziploc at the foot of another week may-be sadaabe Pisces moon someone at work saysfeedback sandwich and I almostthrow up a leaf or My hands my god today god-heavy today a blownspeaker in the hours’ murky silencecasting fantasy feedback to a wishful bottom-feederContinue reading “Lucid Dreams of Being Clean”