by Madeleine K. Corley VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Anniversary" by Madeleine K. Corley I read someone found 4,000 year old yeastand with it, made a loaf of bread. You can’t denythis proves time travel is real.So soon, when it might beJune, I will forgetto flip the calendar marking ONE YEARUNTIL OUR WEDDING!!! circled in Sharpie.The endContinue reading “Anniversary”

Elegy for a Snake

by Felix Lecocq VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Elegy for a Snake" by Felix Lecocq Felix Lecocq is a writer and copyeditor living in Chicago. His writing hasappeared or is forthcoming in *HAD*, *Milk Candy Review, **Peach Mag*, andelsewhere. His chapbook of lyric essays, *Mosquito: A Memoir* (2022), waspublished through the University of Chicago Migration Stories Project.Continue reading “Elegy for a Snake”


by Jessy Edwards VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Socks" by Jessy Edwards Another thing better enjoyed together,I washed your two, long, black ribbed ones,my ankle-length ochre ones,and when I shook everything onto the bed to fold,mine had nestled inside yourslike kidney stones,all four still sopping wet,sodden stacking dollsclinging to one anotherin that hot and violent tumbledryer—notorious forContinue reading “Socks”

Thinking of Reincarnation While Washing the Dishes

by Sean Hanrahan VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Thinking of Reincarnation While Washing the Dishes" by Sean Hanrahan The romantic part of me wants to believein reincarnation, so I don’t hurt anyone, so I don’t make any mistakeson my way back to you. We can make sure we don’t hurt each otherover the decades. We can growContinue reading “Thinking of Reincarnation While Washing the Dishes”