Drunk in the Public Bathroom Stall with my First Love

by Jules Hostetter VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Drunk In The Public Bathroom Stall With My First Love" by Jules Hostetter sitting on the toilet while she pets the right sideof my head like I am an animal, hers to keep,smooths back my hair, giggles quietly, “soft hair…”I am not allowed to close my eyes or eatContinue reading “Drunk in the Public Bathroom Stall with my First Love”

after finding queerness in an abandoned sandbox as a teen, after a breakup, after asking you anything

by tommy blake VOICEMAIL POEMS · "after finding queerness in an abandoned sandbox as a teen" by tommy blake we lurked like wolves, our bodies velveting with night—our skin soft with peach fuzz all over whirling with goosebumps, our tangerinesoaked clothes fused. we were hungry, rubbing our ribs until we whimpered & plunged our hands,Continue reading “after finding queerness in an abandoned sandbox as a teen, after a breakup, after asking you anything”

College Dollhouse, 1996

by Haro Lee VOICEMAIL POEMS · "College Dollhouse, 1996" by Haro Lee this house swells. abundant with thesweetness of kids. on damp days we miss our mothers & lack fruit.i love you with indica, with gluttony, suspending uson the sunday couch. still, that tropicof rot: we bitter our lips & sicken of each other.sedated byContinue reading “College Dollhouse, 1996”

The Lost Pleiad

by Robert Randolph, Jr. VOICEMAIL POEMS · "The Lost Pleiad" by Robert Randolph, Jr. Running wild in the streets,darting behind concrete pylons,smoking and kissing between drags,we embarrassed familiar spiritswith our fortune. Their tongueslapped at our folly, but we didn’t care.We, two lusty deities, carried onlike that the whole summer,drawing ourselves from dark rooms,charming ourselves untilweContinue reading “The Lost Pleiad”

Punctuation like Borders

by DJ Leary VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Punctuation Like Borders" by DJ Leary Recently, I’ve seen writers taking upthe semicolon as a kind of totem.The comma’s less popular older brotherwho’s really into objectivist literature,WWII specials, and Dungeons & Dragons.Relic from a past generation, thisplucky punctuation is determinedto stage a comeback.“Make semicolons great again!” Its purpose isContinue reading “Punctuation like Borders”

No Longer Boys

by Jonathan Fletcher VOICEMAIL POEMS · "No Longer Boys" by Jonathan Fletcher After the funeral of our former classmate, wegathered at the playground of our old school,where we once frolicked about as boys.Struck by how small it now appeared,we, though grown, surely looked the same.O, what happened to those young men,who propelled themselves down theContinue reading “No Longer Boys”

I’m No Good at Small Talk

by Nadyja von Ebers VOICEMAIL POEMS · "I'm No Good at Small Talk" by Nadyja von Ebers My whole life, a series of lovespells I refuse to reverse, bound forever to each and everylover, infinite marriages spun like DNA helices,like cotton candy. If I ever loved youI still love you and my god, can IContinue reading “I’m No Good at Small Talk”