This Is Not A Memory

by Paz Pacheco Hall VOICEMAIL POEMS · "This Is Not A Memory" by Paz Pacheco Hall Paz Pacheco Hall is a Trans Chicanx poet based in the American Southwest. Through poetry and photography they explore history, identity, and landscape in the southwest. They have previously been published in Colorado State University’s Greyrock Review, and have receivedContinue reading “This Is Not A Memory”

Road Poem

by Katie Kay Chelena VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Road Poem" by Katie Kay Chelena Snow like delicate arrows outsideand you are leaving the sunshine state.A long voyage North. I wonderwhat do you keep in your car? Gas station snacks in the passenger seat,road trip detritus. Half-drunk thermosesin every cupholder: water, coffee,something sweet/effervescent at mile 409. IContinue reading “Road Poem”


by Crystal Silva VOICEMAIL POEMS · "primas" by Crystal Silva we bump over basement tile, toes stubbingover grout grooves. sock-skatingwhile our tios pinball pool cues upstairs.lips covered in egg-sweet crumbs gushof some-days and one-days, when we’re big.crouched behind green leather couches,we hide from the night’s crawl, the loomingcall to leave. two kisses times fourteen cheeksContinue reading “primas”

I Dont Believe In Ghosts But

by Edie Meade VOICEMAIL POEMS · "I Dont Believe In Ghosts But" by Edie Meade Edie Meade is a writer, artist, and mother of four in Huntington, West Virginia. Recent work can be found in Feral, Still: The Journal, New Flash Fiction Review, Fractured Literary, Ghost Parachute, and elsewhere. Say hi on Twitter @ediemeade or https://ediemeade.com/.

Dear Achilles: A Pandemic Letter to be Delivered to my Son by USPS, Postage Prepaid

by Jen Soong VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Dear Achilles: A Pandemic Letter to be Delivered to my Son by USPS, Postage Prepaid" by Jen Soong Great Aunt Iris, the one who wore pearls and guzzled pinkgimlets, is dead. The funeral for Pat, our old neighborthe one with the schnauzer who howled at midnight, waslong. And UncleContinue reading “Dear Achilles: A Pandemic Letter to be Delivered to my Son by USPS, Postage Prepaid”

Church Bells

by Jillian Calahan VOICEMAIL POEMS · “Church Bells” by Jillian Calahan I stand at the entranceof a parish with no doors,wondering if I will be welcomed back inside.I haven’t attendedan evergreen massin what feels like an eternity.One step onto the forest floorand twigs snap beneaththe weight of heresy.My footfall echoes likea hymn through empty steeples.TwoContinue reading “Church Bells”

Chaste Marriage to my Confessor

by Kameryn Alexa Carter VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Chaste Marriage to my Confessor" by Kameryn Alexa Carter I am on a ferry, and the lakeis in a particular stateof agitation, and they’replaying Canon in Dand I weep, kneel, vomit,weep. My love for youis bound to clandestineclutches in the eaves,knocks on the confessionalin Morse, recitationsof Lamentationsin suggestiveContinue reading “Chaste Marriage to my Confessor”