Night Tempo — A Triptych

by Dynas Johnson VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Night Tempo — A Triptych" by Dynas Johnson all these little fires bubbling in my throat.holographic. plasma straight through my veins.homeward highways into the burning center of itall: I miss every summer I only dreamed. too manycolors to give names to. I pull the yarn bundleby bundle. it pilesContinue reading “Night Tempo — A Triptych”

‘Cause I Need You Pt. 4: The Roots

by Tina Zafreen Alam VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Cause I Need You Pt 4: The Roots" by Tina Zafreen Alam soundtrack: eve, the roots & is this turningback time never heardit resurrect dry wiltedfresh rain tender streamsunlight thaws coldcan you feel itwarm brush lips warmkiss every numb awayyou roughed eve out of wonderdulled splendourkeep saying dullContinue reading “‘Cause I Need You Pt. 4: The Roots”


by Adrian Dallas Frandle VOICEMAIL POEMS · "Calyx" by Adrian Dallas Frandle after “Housekeeping” by Marilynne Robinson O, make of my teeth. a sieve.drink. from this. font of mercy.make of my body. a community. lips nets. filter all impurity.every virus. every bruised siltedeye. sifted. through. every hurt. sold. let tears collected. saltcrust.make from them. crystalized.Continue reading “Calyx”

At the End of the World is the World

by Scout Faller VOICEMAIL POEMS · "At The End Of The World Is The World" by Scout Faller After Frank O’Hara’s “Having a Coke with You” Having fish and chips at lovely’sHaving a leather jacket you’re in a crinkly topHaving a past is not permissibleThat’s why tonight i’m 90s ethan hawkeHaving a diet coke explainingContinue reading “At the End of the World is the World”

And How Does That Make You Feel?

by Murdo Homewood VOICEMAIL POEMS · "And How Does That Make You Feel?" by Murdo Homewood Murdo Homewood is an early church historian, poet, and worried transsexual, living and teaching Latin in Edinburgh. His work can be found in Prolit, Glitter, and little zines he makes for his friends. When not writing about long-dead saints, lastContinue reading “And How Does That Make You Feel?”