We Begin To Tessellate

by Jessica Baer

I. We begin to tessellate
entering havoc—

Gland unwrapped tin
foil rain
harbors the burning
trundled up&up—
How to make a team:
ride stolen horses
slow horses, in the south
yr betting on
a reprisal
to unclaw yr face
In the interim
take down the threads
Bit lips clarisonous

Rapid diffusion
heaped depth crashing
hoped conjunction
wins: mountains
sloped into the sea—

Prostrate before yr death
furrow a maze a way
rapid passing phantoms
will fluctuate

coom? Combust, earth
unwinding barrows — rake
poppled with no one

II. We who disband
rayed from the same
source billow to
Earth you tore it roots
Parental gods
defunct plates
subduct — crumbling
errant dreams, we seize
mother my tourniquet
flames circles end

And I pass out
a string — cords
defibrillate clairvoyancy


Storms Heaven disturbs

Littered yr bier
break bread come to be
born again:

Reflective way signs
parabolic-dispersed bending
matter is
snagged chapel bells
dumbly lolling over
The earth the earth

is mordant? Frags comminuted
a rapid transit
frustrated, a tone
bell curves swollen
with the sense you were
always leaving

My body in the field
electrical power lines
current ex
current ex

Relegated chasms
function to me you were/always
function to me?

III. Consummated sweeping
stars don’t know
why they’re eating
It recurs it
is everything
And I’m looking at it righthere

Jessica Baer received their MFA from Brown University in 2017. They have a poetry chapbook with Magic Helicopter Press (Holodeck One, 2017) and have been included in journals such as Prelude Mag, Pinwheel, Bathhouse, and Bone Bouquet. Their manuscript Midwestern Infinity Doctrine was shortlisted as a finalist with Tarpaulin Sky press. They also have a forthcoming chapbook of science fiction with Essay Press.

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