by Corey Qureshi

            Be Honest
Stop fidgeting, breathe slow
Get water, smell fridge for chemical smell.
Drink water with chemical taste,
Dump water, pour another cup
Drink water, it’s alright
Avoid chemical fridge food, think about money
Drink water, stare at hot screens
Get high, look at poems

            Pay Attention
Stop fidgeting, breathe slow
Go to drink from empty cup,
think about chemical water
Drink from the sink
Sit in the sun naked, masturbate
Think about food
Think about work
Think about the food at work
in it’s perpetual staleness as i offer it to people

Pour chemical water in the empty cup
Pour chemical water in a yellow bucket,
When I’m open people love it so
they show up and expect something
but I’m working
don’t force yourself on me

            Be Honest
why are you here?
i’m trying to fund me and mine’s life
and all the trips to overpriced
Center City food marts. it’s clear
you don’t want to pay for me
you don’t want anything but nastiness

            Pay Attention
this is the last you get
my throat is wet
my thirst is gone though
Chemical Water on my breath
suck my chest, this is the last you get
(i’m only half here as always)

            Be Honest
Stop fidgeting, breathe slow
people never see themselves out
your attitude is fine but
your comfort costs mine
i like to be alone in the morning

Corey Qureshi is a queer writer and musician based in Philadelphia. They spend their waking hours working, consuming + making things, being a parent and lover. Find a list of published work @ neutralspaces.co/q_boxo.

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