untitled poem

by Codi Suzanne Oliver

here to pull noise out of you i’m coming soft you never touch

you never came so hard in your life, you’re here for the noise

you’re here for the book, the vegetables, the roots, you’re here to pull faggots out of me

i’m turning to you i’m rotating into your mouth and i’m sinking you into my mouth / you faggot

i’m playing you a game we play together

i’m here to dig the noise out of you with my claws and my tools and you and to put the noise of storms into you i’m deceiving the noise of storms and trapping them with you i’m coming hard

you never touched so hard in your life, you never touch, i never felt so soft in my life

i took my face out and put it onto you, i hid the light from beneath the door inside me, i placed the dark of the door inside you in the stomach where the rest of the dark has gone

you took me and surrounded me, you brought me noise of animals and i brought you noise of storms

and close me at the light that creeps in beneath me so we can only witness light of storms where you took them in, under the tea and telescope,

closing my eyes with your heavy fingers, closing my eyes in your mouth above my mouth drooling your heavy come and roots and pages

i’m digging my way out buried in you, you’re coming soft, hidden inside your noise you pull me out from you slowly while you rotate toward the dark and i come there and i come toward you to pull storms and light from you with your tools and you open your tools for me

your hands open and you open my hands and i am here for your hands and you pull the dark from me

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