I’m Not Finished

by Rishad Haque

the battling begums keep us democratically torn
sheikh hasina and khaleda zia,
autocratic rule
Sway you don’t have the answers
we think of the next meal
we share the meals
the meals don’t have any value
but molotov cocktails are paid for by the government
the news media keeps us entertained
we pay attention and we stay scared
we don’t leave the house
we don’t understand why we are cattle
we ride cattle
we speak strong but we feel weak confused
the rest of the world finds opportunity here
counterterrorism, garments
senators find reason to help
miss jennifer is going to bring in the new year
can you see the future?
cold water cold murder
we stand the torture
we feel the future
we dismiss the present
the kids keep playing
it’s all for the kids
why so many kids?
all this blood
all my blood
it keeps pouring
I pop another benzo
they look to god
god sees no reason to help
People forget they were created by god
he used up his resources
we forget we are God
do I really want quiet?
I’m most connected when I’m isolated
I don’t know where home is
I thought I found comfort at home
where is my heart?
how do we start?
I think I’m finished

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