When She Says No

by Melodic Rose

When she says No
She means it.
Whether she’s dressed like a nun
Or has a low cut blouse.
Whether you think she’s classy
Or simply trashy
Whether you believe she’s easy
Or the most complex puzzle in creation
No means No
Whether she’s a blind date
A one night stand
Or some girl you’ve been with for awhile
Whether you think she’s beautiful or intelligent
Or uninteresting or unattractive.
no will always mean no.
sober or drunk
assertive or mild tempered
strong or innocent
her body is not free-way
her word is valid.
respect her because she is
someone’s daughter
someone’s mother
someone’s sister
aunt, girlfriend or wife.
respect her because she is a woman
ever before she became your conquest.
And when she says no
she means it.

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