The Honest World (After Jeffrey McDaniel)

by RJ Walker

Everytime I hang up the phone
I say “I Love You, bye.” 
as most people do.

as if it was a single word

and she did the same.
“Love you too!” 
She would say
as if it was a single word.

The United States Government.
Confessed to everyone
that there had always been a finite number of lies
and we just ran out
The last lie ever told,
was that it was all going to be just fine.

Some politicians went to jail
some police officers too
and more than a few world religions collapsed. 
Everything seemed just fine to me though.

I hang up the phone
I say
each time still
“I… love you…” 
And the silence after clutches my chest
like a windshield clutches a bug. 
And she just whispers

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