by Angelina DiLisio

My words come out slurred
and it seems difficult to live when
everything you say is misheard.
I have great thunder in short amounts of time
That clashes with the oceans and rocks the ships of my mind,
With roaring rivers that travel every corner of the rocks of the mountains,
But my words get cut short,
Thrown into a jumble,
Cause on paper they’re powerful,
But when spoken they’re humble.
And the rivers run only in to puddles,
Because my voice stops abruptly
And my togetherness scatters from it’s huddle.
And it’s hard to respect yourself when told to repeat everything with an ‘s’ sound,
And symbols clash in my mind and panic arises,
Because speaking to someone is my fear,
Because I feel that everything said isn’t clear,
As if that isn’t enough I’m put down by my family,
I’m put under spotlight because they don’t understand me,
And they say: “Get over it, don’t let them get to you”
But how can I do that when you’re the first people I knew?
So I’ll let the storm calm in my mind because I just ain’t someone anymore,
And they say words are powerful,
But not when they’re slurred.

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