by Keaton Maddox

It’s so much harder to love you up close
As if some ethereal abstraction could embody anything that remotely resembled a real body

Or your pressure washed eyes

Because what you own, owns you
And my objects have obtained the flaw of possessiveness

Because absolute freedom means owning nothing
And the future of Amazon drones has already lined up my orders for the next 60 years
They’ve got the precogs working that shit now

But the choice to love is being blind when your guiding cane is a woman who won’t look up from
her smart phone

And I love I love I love

Because saying that makes the chemicals in my brain surge into place
and I would rather die pretending I love something than have to acknowledge
my favorite moments are only being alone when it is an exception

an outlier
to our modern day slave exchange of time

And your pressure washed mind.

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