[the American Dream Is A Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chopper]

by Phil SaintDenisSanchez

after “A Milli” by Lil’ Wayne

the American dream is a ch-ch-ch-ch-chopper
with tattooed arms on the handles,
behind them
breasts and hair clean against the wind

the American dream is a ch-ch-ch-ch-chopper
ripping through bodies
like the drum in Machine Gun
bands of gypsies invading from god knows what star

the American dream is a ch-ch-ch-ch-chopper
and they don’t call my hometown chopper city
for the fucking police helicopters circling nightly, voodoo chile
we do sixty day murders and let rex Xangô sort the ghosts out in the overflowing parade
rioting in the cemeteries, in my grandmother’s house,
on my ancestors’ streets,
on Xangô’s streets
horse hooves beat a second line beat on cobble stone
the sparks they create turn
everything fulgurant
like bullets again and again
til your whole body is light

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