it is raining in new england

by Katie Clark

which means i am here
which means i am where it happened
which means something
not unlike a scar.
i am here and i am awake and i think okay:
this is unbelievable.
this is almost disappointing / a bruise fading
and maybe today is made of noncolors
and maybe i am made of copper or water or
sugar bluing over time
maybe i am made of a wild, quiet thing
it wants me or my bones but i am gathering
up the dust
the blue sugar dust of all of me and calling it glass soon
this now,
but in some soft time just a moment
i can be it, i think
the blue window,
something loud in the way that the world is loud,
unobvious and still
all the noise that is always and mostly
gentle with us
i know it is okay to be sometimes, learning my oftens
filling myself with light and
glow and letting it be
precisely what it is to be
(here and awake and okay)
enough today.

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