Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful

by Mercedes Lucero

A Found Poem from Google’s “America’s Most Misspelled Words” in 2017 by State

Today is a vacuum. 
Today is diarrhea 
and dilemma and 
but somewhere
tomorrow is hallelujah 
and hallelujah 
and people. Tomorrow is 
surprise. Tomorrow there will be ninety 
special bananas. I 
can sense it but I know you think 
me a liar. I appreciate everything 
you find suspicious. 
I really can sense 
it. Be patient 
young chihuahua. Oh you, 
young giraffe. Tomorrow
is beautiful. Give license 
and sense to it. Tomorrow 
is like a diamond. Tomorrow 
there may be nothing 
but gray chaos and even that will be 
beautiful. Tomorrow is available.

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