One Digit Off

by Melissa Lozada-Oliva

every week i get a call from Ohio asking if this is the Walgreens / i answer even though i know it isn’t for me / it’s good to know when it’s not for you / it’s not for me / it’s not you / it’s me / it’s not you, it’s all of this / discounted lotion & nail polish remover & tweezers & razors / you are what you love or whoever you don’t / hang up on / i’ll find you in the aisle where i think the least / about my body / i wish i could / be travel-sized for you / maybe a tester / or a sample / never a prescription / always a holiday on sale / when you leave / your shirt lumpy with everything / i let you take / the alarm will go off / there goes the beeping & the beeping / there i go making other people’s mistakes / all about myself / what am i gonna do, yell / what are we / gonna do / be friends? / what am i / gonna say / you’re not the person i want / you to be / by then it’s just me taking up someone else’s time / wrong store / wrong number / no worries / you’re fine / i will say / i’m used / to this / here i am / not the walgreens / just a girl without / a missed call / a wrong number with a full battery / who knows the mistake before she picks up her phone / you’ll know what i am because i am not / what you’re looking for / still here’s the ringing & the ringing again / i am ready to answer / here, i will do / the work for you / it’s me. / it’s me.

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