it is so hot i am reminded of that scene in ‘do the right thing’

by kiki nicole

it is so hot outside i am reminded of that scene in do the right thing u kno
wit mookie, tina, & the ice cube
cuz i’m out here sweating
naked & alone
in my bed
& in this movie i am both mookie & tina
& the ice cube is the salt above my bottom lip
i am so full of melt i cannot tell if it is sweat or tears
but this is the only thing wanting to touch me
& i am the only one here to lick it off
so i do
pretend it is as holy as it might have been in a tenement in bed-stuy
with a soundtrack & a lover
& cultural discourse & shit
no one knows what to do with my Worst Skin
when it spills out & over & says i want u
the way i want everything
too much
& again they leave, right?
all the men who wanted me & then suddenly did not
& again i fracture my spine over them
remember their hands & take their bodies communion
puddle under my tongue//
my body is a bible i refuse to preach out of
so i pray u
write about me one day
my heavy breasts & the fullness of my bottom lip
always trembling
& my lover is my hands & the ice cube is my hands
but my god can be u
because i am so tired of speaking in body
it is too hot.
smells like rotting meat now.

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