I am headlining an apology tour
plums and paydays in the icebox
mommy’s little hubris of god
got carried away again
tailgating someone else’s ritual
a lesson in humility, a good humbling
bent over and expelling bile
like a good time girl should
a three calyx fold in baby pink
center stage in paradise

I promise you can call me
mine and want by the cure
I, too, bunny the fool
ardently love fucking around
but never one dalliance
just a bender
surrending me to
six color gardens
miserable at the honky tonk
my full heart bucks
to be bad, too

I’m supposed to believe
with love comes pain
old heads will tell you
you’re no deer
quanda a roma
I call my love
he could die down there

it is “tell me I’m pretty” hour
in my fertile crescent ruin garden
I draw on the grotto to preserve its fidelity
meant to feel abandoned at the aqueduct
answer the crying calls, apologize
the Virgin Mary, convertible
I catch you at the center of lucky
scrawled on the furthest wall
ever preen and come to be a fuck up?
ever sleep and stand redeemed?

I am a pile of water
me and my contrition
may the galleria ossify
and the stairs swallow me
I use your picture to pick my teeth
so rest in piss phantom solitaire
it’s why chefs kids love fast food
the cobbler’s daughter has no shoes

bless the unholy and the dirty
high highs, the low lows, and good enough
doesn’t anyone have a job anymore?
maybe window licking
in the hall of gems, in the pudding club
there is no rest for the wicked
only evil on quick wash
there are no such thing as problems
only opportunities

so this is the second song
where we stand in symmetry
where lightning might strike us
at the overlook
my toothache deliverance
all love songs
in cipollino marble
in crocodile tears
so I am the center
yours in murder
miss monster

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