Poor Kitty

(write something devastating,
will settle for simple)

head on tired neck
cursing your own name
frothing at the lip
copper coated tongue

yelling at yourself
heavy weighted bone
frantic soaking wet
tail between your legs

mouse crawled in my mouth while i was sleeping
I panicked, bit, and swallowed
splinters catch my throat
there’s no going home

will this be forever?

I was only dreaming
wake up wake up my love
you’ve wet the bed
go sit in the tub
and try not to drown

go sit in the tub
the showerhead on
a murder was here
the shadow of one

the shadow appears
when you’ve become weak
a bird in a tree
who mimics cicadas

who mimics cicadas?
the bird in the tree
I think you’re becoming confused

listen. will this be forever?

Yes. No.

I love the cat but the noises he makes.
I’m too tired to finish this.
I? You.
You’re too tired to finish this.
Is that true?
Yes. No.

It sounds like a bird is dying.
It sounds like a cat at play.
sounds like a war machine.
sounds like anything but the truth.

You’re too tired to finish this.
No, I don’t think that’s fair.
Yes. No.

Will it always be this way?
Yes. No.

Terrell Worrell Jr is a writer and musician based in Virginia. His writing can also be found in Free the Verse and at terrellworrelljr.com. His music lives under the name Green Woods on streaming services. He hopes you have a nice day.

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