Lesbian Litany in the Key of Love by Keyshia Cole

Gabrielle Tola, artistically known as NeptuneMuse, is an Ecuadorian-Egyptian 22-year old singer-songwriter, poet, astrologer, creative director, music producer, and first-generation college graduate with a B.A in Creative Writing. Gaby dedicates herself to world-building her sonic and visual dreamscape through her music/music videos, writing, communal dreaming, and pleasure activism. She strives to heal and uplift queer bipoc through artistic expression from her infatuation with astrology, romance, and magic. You can find traces of all she loves and creates on https://gabrielletola.wixsite.com/mysite or as @neptunemuse on all social media and music streaming platforms + Bandcamp. Gaby is based on Seminole/Miccosukee land, and her work has been featured on various platforms such as VoyageMIA, the Ithacan, the Pandemic Post, and O’Miami’s anthology, Waterproof: Evidence of a Miami Worth Remembering.

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