Afternoon Delight

Today between meetings and greetings,
snail mails, emails, texts, messages,
essay grades, caffeine breaks, and so on,
in the mirky waters of the
relentless tasks of the
workday, I wrote
a love poem,
let it sneak up on me,
drop from my ear lobe,
slip down my collar,
roll over my shoulder,
spread itself wide to drip
the curve of my spine,
lick my fingertips. I
left them keys sticky.
Yes, I did; yes,
I did.

Tamara J. Madison is a writer/poet. Her work has been produced, and published in various albums, journals, and anthologies. She is the host of BREAKDOWN: The Poet & The Poems, a conversation series on YouTube. Her recent poetry collection Threed, This Road Not Damascus was published by Trio House Press.

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