Miss You. Want to Ride the Subway with You.

after Gabrielle Calvocoressi

get our hands featured on instagram. point
out public poems by the skyline. see the sun
break through the lattices on the bridge. miss
you. want to wait for the coffee to cool with
you. fold up the grounds and filter paper. walk
the bags to the compost bin with you. see the
water clear of flotsam pass with you. savour
every complex mouthful with you. see the
autumn colours fall on brownstone with you.
see the webs and skeletons stretch across your
neighbourhood with you. follow the streets
to those citibike racks and cycle around the
park with you. miss you. want to watch the
blue of day break onto a scene from Pohang
with you. wonder why the characters draw
you in the way that they do. feel the couch
get warmer with you. feel the weekend
stretch into itself with you. i’ll be back
again soon with you.

Jonathan Chan is a writer, editor, and graduate student at Yale University. Born in New York to a Malaysian father and South Korean mother, he was raised in Singapore and educated in Cambridge, England. He is interested in questions of faith, identity, and creative expression. He has recently been moved by the writing of Maria Hummel, Li-Young Lee, and Lucille Clifton. More of his writing can be found at jonbcy.wordpress.com.

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