& i believe / that when we die we die / so let me love you tonight / let me love you tonight
~ the drums, “book of revelation”

my sister once told me, “it’s a beautiful feeling
to wake up next to someone you love every
morning. i know that you don’t know that feeling,
but…” she didn’t know that i do know that
feeling ~ i wake up beside myself all the time,
all the pieces of me that are oh messy & oh lov
able, the cake of last night’s makeup, the gelatin
of a gender wobbling towards womanhood. . . .
alone & in-love, i stumble then rise on each
awkward morning, 13 mirrors standing guard round
the side of my bed ~ model # gbnnx0600022.
i have coffee with my transfemininity, make
small talk about the wrongs & rights of my body,
the weather as unpredictable as anything else. i
know what it is to sit with love, let it bubble up
& blow around. some mornings i wake up &
there’s a bird in the tree outside my window ~
that is love as well.

Marzi Margo is a person who writes and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Ver book Emoji Revival is forthcoming from Be About It Press. Ve tweets about gender and Animal Crossing @wigglytuff_pink.

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