after Skyrim; for Molly Brodak

In the game he resurrects a creature,

walrus-like, that comes

galumphing after him

in the way I feel

I am kept, in the way

I admired your precise grace

like the end of a crystal snapped

off in a wound. Something is

growing inside me because I asked.

I wonder what you never

asked for. Off camera

the child’s laughter like Satan’s bells,

like fruit.

Donora Shaw (née Hillard) is the author of the poetry book Jeff Bridges (with illustrations by Goodloe Byron; Cobalt Press, 2016) and several other works of poetry and theory. Shaw’s poems have been recognized by the Poetry Foundation, Poets House, and The Pushcart Prize, and her work appears in Hint Fiction (W.W. Norton & Company), Pedagogy, Women in Clothes (Penguin Random House), and other anthologies and journals as well as on CNN, MSNBC, and WBEZ Chicago (NPR). She lives in her home state of Pennsylvania with her husband and family and recently gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Merrin.

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