a [ ] of and for white conduct

more machine   IStruggleToEmbed {

              more machine than [                  ]. STRUGGLE = ;

to suggesthuman – that doesn’t sound

                          quite [            ].

                          a struggle to suggest time = new STRUGGLE (machine.morehuman(“that.sound));

suggestsuggestions . machinestruggles . more than humansuggestions///                  


                                                                                                      before before work

                                                     which is just afterwork or beforemath


                                              a time before working class             because           you better work 


                                              TIMEWRKor classTMEor BECAUSEWRKor FORTIMEWORKor WorK

       Document suggests TIMEWORKER we hit ignore all work in my house


                 {insert your capitalism here}. I struggle

                                                                               to suggest a time post

                                              work, but we must

                                                                                {here is a pillformachiningmyself}

<hltherapy = medication coffee-aligned:><strengthtraining ></videos<on>YouTube=nature-walks:99-orgasms-left-to-enlightenment-platinum-status <therapy><&medication> </& yes >, <yes&> / I must insist nooncoffee /too>

even the fucking [       ]?  \\

                                     // , yes grl. especially the fucking [      ].

damn((not my trauma) \\

gonna((stay outta that war over there) \\

gonna((download “apps” for  ignoring decolonized mindsets) \\

gonna((tell your mom to check on you) \\

gonna((thoughts & prayers) \\

gonna((hit release on my dogecoin) \\

gonna((make you something with a lotta mayonnaise in it, hun) \\

gonna((thread my brows so I can tell grls on IG to thread their brows) \\

gonna((                         \\

                                                             but still, long for a way out to the top


                          a lucky lottery ticket degree

OR                   the winning horse

                                                                                  right medication – some combo of bets, bets, bets

Shelby Pinkham (she/they) is a queer, Chicanx poet from the Central Valley. They are currently an editor for Rabid Oak and an MFA student at Fresno State. Their work can be found in PANK, Poetry Online, and Honey Literary.

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