Mop Water in the Kitchen Sink

by Ani Eacy

how you ask for so little & get so much. how we ask for so little & get what we ask. back scratches & rubs & go light & light & lighter still & harder. how you love us through the confusing & the outbursts & the godforbid the illogicalities. how you love us through. how your hair grows wild, wild everywhere & migrates down. how your hair falls out, puddles on the pillow. how my hair falls out & tangles. we pull it from sweatshirts warm from the dryer, we pull it from mouths & food, from brushes, out of butt cracks, we pull it back. arch the back, harder & harder, too hard. soft heads sweet brains hairy legs. mine & yours. how you live with naked walls & no water, no want. how things are good & that’s good enough & never enough. for me. for i. for me. the fragility of the ego & the wilting herbs on the window sill & the let go let down the election the leftovers & the hairline, the heart. heart in your mind, heart in your heart, heart in your pants. how it is nonsense. onyx nights & tonics & taunting. taunt skin & responsive. wanton women & wontons for dinner. again. again & let’s do it again. how you are right, that we would be fine eating the pasta that spilled into the kitchen sink & how i am right that that would be disgusting.

Ani Eacy studied writing in Burlington, Vermont. She has since been selling books (new, used, and otherwise) for 5 years, while working on her own. She traded one city on a lake for another, and now lives in Ithaca, New York with her partner in a tiny apartment that sits among the treetops.

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