Pisces Season

by Meghann Boltz

I don’t know about astrology, I’m just trying to stay relevant
Wrapped up in my celestial furs, the moon
Hasn’t made an appearance in days & the sun feels shy
Sometimes it’s too hard to look in the mirror
When the inquisitors ask how often
Everything feels on the brink
Of being played to an original score by Philip Glass
I tell them how at the Annunciation I plucked out tears
Like diamonds & now a stygian blue velvet sadness is softly threatening
To cover my insides like a papal vestment
They sigh reproachfully and tell me
You can cut yourself on yourself if you’re not careful
As if I don’t already know
Water is not so vague that it can’t destroy the sky

Meghann Boltz is the author of the chapbook rebel/blonde (Bottlecap Press) and the micro-chap Roleplay (Ghost City Press). Her work has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, glitterMOB, Peach Mag, b l u s h lit, and elsewhere. She received her M.A. in creative writing from the University of East Anglia and was shortlisted for the 2018 Metatron Prize. Her second chapbook, True Romance, is forthcoming from dancing girl press.

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