Half Moon Full Oblivion

by Christian Garduno

Half moon

taking up the whole sky

lowly stars crawl away to become

tomorrow’s constellation prize

A Mighty Benedictine

and Brandy Alexanders

frozen suns illuminate then dissipate


Christian Garduno edited the compilation Evolver and his own solo poetry collection Face, while a History undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. His work can be read in over 30 literary magazines, including Spillwords.com, Corpus Christi Writers 2020, and Riza Press, where his poem, “The Return”, was a Finalist in their 2019 Multimedia Poetry & Art Contest. He lives and writes along the South Texas coast with his wonderful wife Nahemie, young son Dylan, and pet bear-cub Theodore Bexar. He usually sometimes writes at https://medium.com/@letsfly2000

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