Call and Response [in this body]

by Cory Hutchinson-Reuss

What draws you out is what you’re here for

Your honeyed anguish and secrets

Your May Queen and Crone

You’ve come for the thicket

Found a home in its hollows

Had its briars in your hair

You’ve seen the bird’s glaring blood

high-pitched and strung

Its dismantled feathered mass

at another bird’s feet

like a nest made of aftermath

You’ve come to sing your voices

into the bramble

Throw them through the bars

You’ve come back to bend

the sky low, to call

that creature        your self

Originally from Arkansas, Cory Hutchinson-Reuss received her PhD in English from the University of Iowa, and now lives and writes in Iowa City. Her work has recently appeared in The Offing, Superstition Review, wildness, Glass, Pangyrus, and The Missouri Review’s Poem of the Week feature. She has been a Best New Poets nominee and the recipient of the Lynda Hull Memorial Prize for Poetry from Crazyhorse. She volunteers in the Writers Workshop at Oakdale Prison and serves as a poetry reader for The Adroit Journal. Seed-Purse, a chapbook of poems and visual art made in collaboration with book and paper artist Giselle Simón, is forthcoming from PromptPress.

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