The Shape of Comfort

by Gabriel Orion

we do not live in a society we live
on a planet, and there is nowhere
I can go to read or to write this poem
that does not cost ten dollars

trying to find power in those words
and comfort in their shapes.

what is the shape of your life?
what words would you use?
will their shapes form the whole?
will they consume our need
for the question in the first place?

tonight, you can catch a glimpse
of the open field beyond the office park
where nature will take you
and she will take me, too

here I am needing you, specifically
to hold my throat like a glass of red wine
a fit of rage away from saying
I think we’ve had too much
and all I want is to feel myself, crushed

when I think of America, I think
of coca-cola, and when I think of
coca-cola I think of Lana Del Rey
and when I think about Los Angeles, CA
I think about cancer, and how
they use coca-cola to clean
blood off the streets

trying to find humility in those words
and safety in their shapes

the soul of an old place underneath
my boots and determination
revolution is within reach
and there it is

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