Peter Weller, the Actór

by Chuck Young

When I people watch, I’m looking for beauty. Or sex at least. I wish D’angelos would create a signature sandwich and call it, Untitled (How Does It Feel). So I’d have something to eat while sexting you. What if dicks had knuckles? What if my dick was a literal knuckle sandwich? Pick the most sensual of the cheeses. Think of the heartiest bread. What if this was making you hungry? What would that say about you? What would that mean to me? I totally forgot that one of the main aspects of Robocop’s creation myth is the fact that that chick couldn’t not check out that dude’s nude package. If she doesn’t glance, Murphy doesn’t get blown to bits. They actually dramatize the glance too, with a pause. Adam and Eve, I guess. Literally skullfuck Peter Weller’s tiny face bones, please.

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