Blazing Saddles is a movie I haven’t seen

by Madeline Weiss

I don’t know a lot of food and you should shove
all of that food into my mouth at one time
there is truly a whole planet that I don’t know

the sky looks a way on a different side from me
and there is a you existing far away

there are so many people sitting right now
far away from me and likewise

I never met the insides of my toes
and I have always had my toes

I had a plan to kiss a person in a cornfield
while I wore all black, this is what always is
when the sun is coming up in a cornfield

I am trying to bite the atmosphere
and swallow it with all of its bones

there are parts of time that happen when we sleep
dogs sometimes probably bark
in unison miles away

if we were stuck in the snow
our whimpers might sound like harmony

people die when they’re sleeping
remember that time that there was

a universe that happened without us. Someone has
a come at the same time I do but
that makes my comes feel very little

I made a bust of my dreams
it looks the most like me hugging you
but also like me concealed in forest

what I mean is that there is only me at once
there is something of me that is always a before thing
and always an after thing.

right now this poem is very urgent
it’s not a point
though, just that you are hearing this thing of me
right now.

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