Thank You

by Samantha Eubanks

I wore so much makeup and kept my hair too bright.
I questioned everything you said and made your soft spot my bullseye.
You see,
I wanted to be like Layla.
She was so easily loved.
Her meat was tough,
so loving her was at times a matter of luck,
but when earned, she would keep you full for months.
I am chewy
and I would turn the stove on high to make the both of us squirm.
We were in love under the terms of change
and you never stepped on my skirt to make me stay.
You saw me like my skin was made of lace,
you held me careful and talked to me like I would easily break.
Then with no foot on my leaving,
I crashed beneath my neurotics.
I never said goodbye.
I hung myself, thinking that I would become a butterfly.
I wanted you to catch to me,
but now all of the pain is mine.
because we don’t even speak
and I still can’t fly.

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