Face the Mirror

by Carissa Pignatelli

Take a look in the mirror,
at your own blue eyes,
Since they’re the exact
same color as mine
You can say that you miss me
And how much you care
But mirrors don’t react
They just reflect what’s there…

If you don’t like your mirror
And the image it shows
Maybe it’s time
to let the past go
Take your mistakes
Don’t make them again
And don’t test people
Especially your friends
Don’t take love for granted
And Don’t be a sheep
And don’t ever make promises
That you can’t keep
Do the right thing just because
It’s the right thing to do
And remember, that bad decisions
Don’t effect just you

You’re broken to me
And I’m beyond repair
And I can’t fix
What’s no longer there

If you find me again
You can watch if you must
But you lost all my love
My respect and my trust.

Take a look in the mirror,
at your bloodshot eyes
The ones that you said
Were the same color as mine
You may very well miss me
You may truly care
But your mirror won’t react
It just reflects what’s there…

I won’t look back now
There’s nothing left here
And you can thank the man,
That stares back in the mirror

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